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    1. Introduction of CAA

      Chinese Athletic Association
      The Chinese Athletic Association (CAA) is a national social organization for athletics with independent corporate capacity, a corporate member of the All-China Sports Federation (ACSF) as well as a national sport association administering athletics recognized by the Chinese Olympic Committee.
      CAA aims to unite with athletic workers and enthusiasts, mobilize all positive factors, guide and promote the development of Chinese athletics; to push forward and improve sports level; serve to implement the nationwide fitness program and the Olympic Glory Program, and promote the building of socialist material civilization and spiritual civilization; to enhance friendship with athletic associations in the rest of the world; and...

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      Contact Us

        Address: No.2 Tiyuguan road,Beijing
        Tel: (8610)87183441 87183447
        Fax: (8610)67142515
        Email: chn@athletics.org.cn